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iPhone App Sales from BulkyPix Games

Take advantage of the HUGE Christmas sale and stack up on your favorite BulkyPix games.


– Babel Rising

– Survivum

For $0.99:

Badaboo pack (megabadaboo)

– Last King of Africa: ep 1

– Last King of Africa: ep 1 HD

– Daily Quizz

– Eye Training

– Saving Private Sheep HD

– Rollout

– Snake Galaxy HD

– Battlestar Commander 

– Battlestar Commander HD

– Gobliiins

For $1.99:

– Aqua Panic DX

BodyGuardz for the new Apple iPhone 4

BodyGuardz recently released their newest protection for the Apple iPhone 4. It’s a  scratch-proof transparent films designed to custom fit the new iPhone 4 for unrivaled full body and screen protection. Designed to safeguard the iPhone 4 from scratches, oils, makeup, and other potentially damaging agents, BodyGuardz will keep the phone looking new without the need for a bulky case.  

Additional BodyGuardz Features:

 Add layer of scratch-proof film to safeguard the device when put in pockets, purses, etc.

  • Made from the same indestructible film typically used to shield the fronts of automobiles
  • Antibacterial mold inhibitor and anti-corrosion compound mixed directly into the adhesive so films do not turn yellow or crack over time unlike some competitors.
  • Backed by the BodyGuardz Advantage program that includes a lifetime replacement program and two custom-fit protective skins.

BodyGuardz also makes great protectors for the iPad as well as the BlackBerry and Android phones.

 For more information, visit

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