Mobile Payment Company Wants to Help Brett Favre

We just received one of the most interesting emails from a company called XIPWIRE. They’re a mobile payment and texting service. Here’s how the e-mail went:

Brett Favre Football Card

Brett Favre’s retirement is less than 72 hours old yet the future Hall of Famer is already facing accusations surrounding his reported panache for sending lewd and suggestive messages via text.

 In an effort to not only occupy the countless hours once devoted to the grid iron but to also create a more appropriate outlet for his texting skills, XIPWIRE, a mobile payment service that enables people to securely send and receive money using a simple text message, has offered to pay the $50,000 fine levied on Mr. Favre by the NFL.  In exchange, Mr. Favre would serve as an official XIPWIRE brand ambassador for the next 6 months, providing online demos for individuals, charities and business owners seeking a quick and reliable text-based money transfer service.

HERE’s the actual letter to Brett Favre:

 January 5, 2011

 Dear Mr. Favre:

 I hope this email finds you well. I am writing you today on behalf of my company, XIPWIRE, a mobile payment service that enables people to securely send and receive money using a simple text message. Given your extensively reported infatuation with text message and in light of the vast amount of time that will no longer be relegated to football, we would like to offer to you an opportunity to serve as a XIPWIRE brand ambassador in exchange for the payment of your outstanding $50,000 fine.

 I would love to speak with you further to hear your thoughts and discuss the details of the offer. Please let me know when would be best for you, and we can arrange accordingly. Please visit to learn more about the company or feel free to contact me directly at 877-903-4255. I look forward to continuing the dialog at your earliest convenience.


Sharif Alexandre



—WOW! This company is smart. They’re jumping on the media frenzy surrounding Brett Favre and trying to capitalize on it.

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As Business Unit Editorial Director at Beckett Media, I lead creative teams in technology, gaming, collecting, autos, home decor, outdoor sports, and more.

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