FREE Nook Kids App for iPad

Although the nook eReader is competition to the iPad, Barnes and Noble is now offering a free Nook For Kids app for the iPad. The B&N details are as follows:

  •  The largest collection of kids’ books all in one place
  • Find books for all interests and reading levels.
  • Interact with words and pictures or hear stories read aloud.

The Nook app gets you started with two free kids books. There’s the hook! It’s a FREE app, but the books will cost you. Smart move. I think the future of B & N will be in eBooks. Ten years from now you’ll see many people sitting in waiting rooms or standing on a line somewhere reading their eReaders or tablets. Smartphones will be there too, but it’s very difficult to read a book on a little phone screen unless you prefer that type of thing.

About Erin Lang Masercola

As Business Unit Editorial Director at Beckett Media, I lead creative teams in technology, gaming, collecting, autos, home decor, outdoor sports, and more.

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