Chillingo Unleashes New iPhone Game – Clumsy Bob!

Chillingo’s proud to celebrate the new year with the launch of FlySoft’s newest title, ‘Clumsy Bob.’

Clumsy Bob: He’s an elephant called Bob, he’s clumsy, and he’s about to set off on an adventure around the world. In this platformer you’ll bounce Bob across amazing skylines. Watch out for snakes and get as many coins as you can as you try to get Bob as far as possible.

Here are the game’s features:

  • SIMPLE AND FUN – The game play couldn’t be easier. Simply tilt your device to get Bob moving. Bounce along the screen for as far as you can and rack up the highest score. Bounce on clouds and be careful not to fall as there are fewer and fewer objects to hit!
  • POWER UPS AND BONUSES – Collect special items as you bounce across the screen. Golden coins give you 500 points; rockets send you screaming across the sky, hover with a polka dot umbrella or bounce way up in the air on a giant spring! You will need to use all the power ups to get the best score, but use them wisely-and look out for that pesky hedgehog who always tries to crash into your rocket!
  • WATCH YOUR STEP – Not everything is pleasant when bouncing along the blue sky and Bob isn’t the most careful of elephants. Try not to land on the nasty rats and snakes that will eat you whole! Be careful, too, of falling anvils, heavy iron weights and spiky cacti!
  • HOW HIGH CAN YOU SCORE? – The longer you bounce, the higher the score. Collect power-ups and bounce more often to get a bigger score. You can either take it slow and steady or tilt all the way and try the speedy approach. It’s up to you! With infinite gameplay to be had, there will ALWAYS be a score to beat.
  • INTEGRATED LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS – Go head to head with your friends and see who can post the highest score. Unlock achievements and become the top Clumsy Bob player around!

 Clumsy Bob is available now for iPhone/iPod touch for only $.99 at:

You can also check out Clumsy Bob in action on Youtube:

* The first person to comment about this new game will receive a FREE game code!

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