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Building A Playable Angry Birds Game Cake

Building A Playable Angry Birds Game Cake-
This enterprising father recently built an Angry Birds cake for his son’s sixth birthday. He shows all of the steps he took to creating a masterpiece. And best of all, it’s a playable Angry Birds cake! Anyone who is an Angry Birds game fanatic would love to have one of these. I know I would.

Check out this great video that has already gone viral!!! Enjoy!

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Show Your Love with the New Love Shake App

LOVE SHAKE, is a fun way to show your love for someone. The concept is simple. You take an image or load an existing one, resize and position it inside the heart’s hole, select a sweet message, shake the phone and you’ll have an image you can save and/or share with your friends.

Here’s a link to check out this new iPhone app:

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Biography Comic Book

In the Oscar-nominated movie “The Social Network”, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is portrayed as a detached, cold and calculating internet visionary. This week, a more balanced portrayal of Zuckerberg hits stands this week in the form of a Bluewater Productions biography comic.

“Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook,” a 48-page giant-sized issue written by freelance journalist Jerome Maida and illustrated by Sal Field, is scheduled to hit newsstands, comic book stores and online venues on Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry

Apple’s iPad 2 Announcement Coming Soon

A Wall Street Journal blogger confirmed today that Apple has just booked an event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, CA on March 2nd. This could be the announcement we’ve all been waiting for – the iPad 2!

Savvy techies are predicting that the new iPad 2 will have two cameras (one on front and one back for Apple’s FaceTime app).  It will probably have a better screen quality and a few other extras soon to be announced. The first iPad was announced on January 27, 2010.

So, if you haven’t already purchased the first iPad and are looking to buy one soon, it might be worthwhile to wait a few more weeks. Some experts believe the new iPad 2 could go on sale by the end of March.

Stay tuned for more info! 

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Android Phone App Numbers

Report from Bill Dumas:

At the recent Mobile World Congress event, Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, confirmed that the Android Market app numbers have now topped the 150,000 mark. On top of that he claimed that are over 350,000  device activations every day.

Those are some very impressive numbers. However, Android still has a long way to go to catch up to the iPhone apps count which recently surpassed 350,000 on the App Store.

Plus, it seems 350,000 is some sort of magic number. According to executives at Intuit, their company has seen over 350,000 downloads of their tax return SnapTax app in less than three weeks after the app went live on the iPhone and Android smartphones.

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iPhone 4 Owners Having Problems with Facebook

A slew of complaints have recently been posted on the Facebook app reviews section of the iTunes store. It seems iPhone 4 users are complaining that their screens are freezing when trying to use the Facebook app. Several people have had to reinstall the app several times and the problem keeps happening over and over again. Another complaint is that iPhone 4 users that have been able to open up their Facebook app are having trouble uploading videos and photos and editing their profiles.

Even though it’s a free app, people are becoming frustrated and are hoping all of the bugs get fixed quickly. If you’ve experience the same problems or different ones using Facebook on the iPhone 4, you can let out your frustration here as well. Here’s hoping it all gets fixed real soon!

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New Angry Birds Plush Toys and iPhone Cases!

The millions of the Angry Birds mobile game app fans can now add something very special to their life – Angry Birds Plush Toys! Yep! They’re on their way. According to Rovio, the publishers of Angry Birds, brand new soft and cuddly Angry Birds plushies are shipping soon.

There are four green pig plushies and five bird plushies including the blue, black, white, red and yellow birds. The prices start at $11.99 for a 5-inch plush, $14.99 for an 8-inch plush and $59.99 for a  16-inch plush. 

 Slingshot your birds at those wacky green little pigs while your iPhone is protected with an exclusive Angry Birds case. You can purchase three different  Angry Birds iPhone 4 case protectors for $34.99 each at the Angry Birds online shop. 

You can order all of these products now and they will be arriving in March 2011. Here’s the link:

If you purchase any of these plush, send us a picture of you holding up your Angry Birds plush and we’ll feature it  on the Phone Apps Mag Blog and Facebook page. SEND your pics to Enjoy!

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New Mind Challenging Puzzle Game iQube Released for iPhone

 Allapps, a division of r1mx, has announced the release of their new puzzle game called iQube. This game with a unique game play features 50+ evolving puzzles with unlockable levels and combines a variety of different game types in one. 

 iQube challenges all minds of all ages. It focuses on bringing out hand and eye coordination as well as strategy to complete challenging puzzles. Players must drag and match different rows of colored cubes so they all fit into designated areas. Once in these areas, the collection of the same colored cubes will turn silver. The idea of the game is to make all the cubes silver. 

 The game has a motivating global and local score leaderboard and users can compete with their friends all over the world as well as challenge their friend via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. The iQube game really gives an exercise to the brain and become highly addictive to any player looking for a challenging puzzle game.  

 “iQube is a new and exciting puzzle game that combines a mix of Rubik’s cube, Bejeweled, and Textris gameplay all in one. Players can use intensive hand and eye coordination with this new addictive game. Give a kick to your brain and challenge yourself.” – said Jorge Rios, CEO of r1mx

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Portable Bluetooth Speakers for iPad

Report from Bill Dumas:

Soundmatters, a leader in high-quality, portable speakers founded by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther, announced today it is delivering foxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad,  the ultimate wireless portable speaker for the iPad.  The perfect iPad travel companion, foxL Bluetooth is the first pocket-sized wireless speaker that audio purists will love, with a range of unique sound features, such as foxL’s patented “Twoofers,” “BassBattery,” and other technologies that provide a smoother deeper bass and an “open & airy” listening experience that provide iPads and other products with the superior sound quality they so desperately need to let you enjoy your portable movie and music experience to the fullest. 

 A great gift for Father’s Day, dad will love bringing the highly portable battery-operated foxL Bluetooth hi-fi audio speaker wherever he brings his iPad, on the road, at work for presentations, to play music at parties, watch movies in the living room, tailgate at football games, and much more.  Priced at only $199 and incredibly small at 5.6” wide x 2.2” high x 1.4” deep with 8 hours of rechargeable battery-time, foxL Bluetooth features a full range of audio output from 80Hz – 20kHz with real bass for amazingly good Bluetooth music streaming in a tiny package that fits with your portable lifestyle.  With the latest v2 of foxL Bluetooth, all iPad and other Bluetooth devices (including iPhone, iPod touch, laptops, portable gaming, and Bluetooth/music phones) will experience longer battery life and improved Bluetooth due to the updated 2.2 circuitry.

foxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad Features:

  • Patented Audio Technology:  provides more audio output for louder, distortion-free sound. 
  • Features patented Dual 1-inch Linear Magnetic Drive “Twoofers” more likely found in large expensive hi-fi speakers for remarkable clarity and range.
  • Patented“BassBattery” Technology turns the battery into a woofer for smoother deeper bass. 
  • “DomeForward”driver alignment and high-transparency acoustic grill provide an “open and airy” listening experience, typical of good home speakers.
  • Built-in Noise-canceling Mic:  for “business quality” wireless speaker phone/conferencing.
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming:  provides surprisingly high-quality Bluetooth stereo with auto pairing and even shows up in the iPad’s AirPlay menu.
  • Plays & Charges Anywhere:  Along with its patented re-chargeable built-in woofer/battery (for up to 8 hours of play), it plays and charges with the included universal AC charger (with four international adapters) and included USB cable.

The foxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad and other Bluetooth devices is priced at $199, available through major online retailers, including Hammacher Schlemmer, Sharper Image, Music Direct, and others.

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New Social Quiz iPhone App – Quiz Climber

Relentless Software, the video game industry’s social gaming experts, and leading independent games publisher Chillingo, a division of Electronic Arts Inc., today announced the launch of Quiz Climber for iPhone in Spring 2011.
Quiz Climber is a social quiz where players pit their knowledge against their friends.  Featuring 1000s of questions friends get competitive as the addictive gameplay leaves them desperate to leapfrog their pals in the leaderboards.  Quizzers answer as many questions as possible in a row to climb the quiz tree.  The only catch is the further they progress the harder it gets.
Andrew Eades, executive director at Relentless Software, commented: “We thought it would be great if you could play a quiz with all your friends and family and see how well you did.  The gameplay sounds simple but it’s amazingly addictive as you overtake your friends whilst climbing the leaderboards.  Every game we make is designed to appeal to as broad an audience as possible and we see this audience growing exponentially over the next 5-10 years. Whether you use a console, connected TV, iPhone or a browser to play, we’ll be making games that are easy to understand and fun for you – Quiz Climber is our next step in making our games available to and played by everyone.”

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