New Mind Challenging Puzzle Game iQube Released for iPhone

 Allapps, a division of r1mx, has announced the release of their new puzzle game called iQube. This game with a unique game play features 50+ evolving puzzles with unlockable levels and combines a variety of different game types in one. 

 iQube challenges all minds of all ages. It focuses on bringing out hand and eye coordination as well as strategy to complete challenging puzzles. Players must drag and match different rows of colored cubes so they all fit into designated areas. Once in these areas, the collection of the same colored cubes will turn silver. The idea of the game is to make all the cubes silver. 

 The game has a motivating global and local score leaderboard and users can compete with their friends all over the world as well as challenge their friend via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. The iQube game really gives an exercise to the brain and become highly addictive to any player looking for a challenging puzzle game.  

 “iQube is a new and exciting puzzle game that combines a mix of Rubik’s cube, Bejeweled, and Textris gameplay all in one. Players can use intensive hand and eye coordination with this new addictive game. Give a kick to your brain and challenge yourself.” – said Jorge Rios, CEO of r1mx

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  1. I would like downlaod is free on app game ?

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