iPhone 4 Owners Having Problems with Facebook

A slew of complaints have recently been posted on the Facebook app reviews section of the iTunes store. It seems iPhone 4 users are complaining that their screens are freezing when trying to use the Facebook app. Several people have had to reinstall the app several times and the problem keeps happening over and over again. Another complaint is that iPhone 4 users that have been able to open up their Facebook app are having trouble uploading videos and photos and editing their profiles.

Even though it’s a free app, people are becoming frustrated and are hoping all of the bugs get fixed quickly. If you’ve experience the same problems or different ones using Facebook on the iPhone 4, you can let out your frustration here as well. Here’s hoping it all gets fixed real soon!

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  1. How do you reply to a message on Facebook? I tap reply but nothing happens… Is this user error or something else that needs fixing?
    Thank you.

  2. Up loading pictures to Facebook using an IPhone 4 16 gig. Freezing up! Have to delete app. and reinstall!

  3. I can’t check in my location…any one else having these problems?

  4. iPhone 4 Facebook app crashing more often, having a problem viewing photos, some load and other have the spinning wheel forever. Thanks

  5. Have installed and reinstalled 4 times.. it will not accept my login or password… If I switch to the internet on my phone and pull up Facebook it all works… the App however is crap.

  6. I am having troubles with free faxebook app. It has froze up on me several times. When I go to type ” comment “on someone’s status or message the screen comes up with no keyboard on it! So I can’t type anything! It’s very frustrating!! I have tried erasing app and adding it again but no luck. I ended up deleting app all together and adding another app similar but it’s not facebook:( please help! any suggestions??

  7. My time is off by 2 hours. Anyone else having this problem?

  8. When I try to send a private message in FB on my iphone4, I’m only allowed 2-3 lines. Then it cuts off. Help?

  9. I’m not always able to find the Account button on my Iphone 4 so I’m able to log off Facebook. It’s almost like its not there … then I really don’t know what I do to get it to shop up on top so I can click it, then the red logoff button appears and I’m finally able to logoff. Anyone else having this problem? I’m getting real frustrated with it.

  10. I can only see two hours of “stories”. It stops and doesn’t show there are more posts.

  11. i can’t view any 1’s profile including my own!!!! if i conect to wifi it lets me, however news feed and everything else works fine on app, and it can’t be phone as i can view all profiles including own on tweetdeck and internet on phone, any1 else having this problem? or know how to fix?????? PLEASE HELP UITS F*****G ME OFF!!!! lol

  12. I’m getting the same problem as James. Really fricking annoying.

  13. Can’t scroll on profile pages (my own or otherwise!)! Rebooted, reinstalled and signed in again twice but problem still exists! Why do they keep bringing out updates? If it ain’t broke in the first place, don’t fix it Facebook (although the latest app needs fixing big time!) grr!

  14. I have the iPhone 4G and the Facebook app, and I can load messages…I just can’t always see them. I click on Notifications and select a Notification to read. But it never loads, it just endlessly loops so I never see the Notification. Argh! What on earth did they do??

  15. I have iphone 4s and Facebook has worked fine except for the last couple of days, it is very sluggish.

  16. my screen isn’t scrolling smoothly in fb….it’s jumpy and makes it hard to read. Is there a fix for this…..the icon at the top of the phone shows its constantly updating when in facebook. will that cause this? please help!

  17. Facebook app works perfectly when i have wifi but without wifi it loads for a second then shuts the whole app down. Tried deleting and re-downloading app several times and no joy..all other apps work fine without wifi. What do i do?

  18. I hate the app right now. I would rather pay .99 for the app than to keep having these stupid issues. With this new updates version I can’t even use the search area…it always says “connection error” when clearly I am connected to wifi! This issue started about two weeks ago and I hate it. Also whenever I need to load a video I have to delete the app and upload it again.I love FB but I hate the app for Iphone. You would think they would have fixed these crazy bugs by now…goodness. Oh and when I try to update my profile to check for new things it just does nothing. I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!!

  19. So not sure what’s going on, when I go to go to someone’s profile even mine it won’t let me says sorry something went wrong try again and there is a pic of a piece of paper or book. I can bring up news feed. PLEASE help this is my first smart phone ( iPhone 4s) and pretty disappointed so far and no idea what to do…

  20. i am not able to see ‘via iphone’ to my facebook status, whenever i upload it through my facebook app for iphone 4.

  21. I can’t get my notifications to update. It says I have new notifications but it will not update them.

  22. how do u write on someone’s wall in version 4? is it the message button or something else that im not seeing?

  23. My facebook constantly has the little circle loading symbol in the corner and it takes ages to update. Can anyone offer any help?

  24. I used to be able to view my Facebook personal page on my iPhone 4, until last week. I don’t know what happened. Everytime I try to access my personal page, this message shows up: “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again.”

    So sick of it. I am thinking of ditching iPhone for something else. Any suggestions>

  25. @ Angela…i don’t think its the phone its the dumb Facebook …im getting the same thing….im really getting a little upset about this!!!

  26. sweetheartandsoul@yahoo.com

    Its not the iphone peoples!! i had to just delete app and go on through the internet!! grrr so annoying whats the point of the app if it keeps freezing, they should definitely update this!!

  27. Getting really peed off I had the trouble of the screen freezing that got sorted now I can’t copy and paste on the fb app anyone else having this prob and any solutions

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