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Here Tomorrow: The White iPhone

“Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!” says the chronically tardy White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. The same could be said for another elusive, mythical creature — the White iPhone.

Newsflash: Apple says the white iPhone will actually be available tomorrow. Curiouser and curiouser! Folks have been waiting for ages, their hopes crushed until now.

“The white iPhone 4 has finally arrived and it’s beautiful,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “We appreciate everyone who has waited patiently while we’ve worked to get every detail right.”

Ummmm. Every detail? Like encasing it in white plastic instead of black? Apparently, it was much more complicated than that, according to some press reports.

The white iPhone needs “more UV protection” than the black one, presenting some substantial “material science” challenges that surprised Apple’s product development team.

So the White iPhone is finally here and UV-protected to accompany you on all your hot summer adventures. Will you succumb to its charms?

10 iPhone Games That Are Loads of Fun

By Doug Kale


Price: FREE; Backflip Studios

Rating: 5 out 5 stars

Warning! This game has too much fun packed inside! You’re a strong and proud ninja that can run up the side of buildings, jump from building to building, wield a sharp sword, access ancient mystical powers to leap like a squirrel, fly like a blue bird, spin like a ninja star and so much more. Just remember to stay away from the black and blue ninja throwing stars or the black ninja running down the sides of the building. I highly recommend this one.


Price: $1.99; No Monkeys

Rating 4 out 5 stars

Alphabetic is a simple game that’s highly addictive. Do you think you can spot the letters of the alphabet from A to Z very quickly? Read the rest of this entry

Wine & Dine With These Tasty Apps

Sure, we’ve all heard of Urban Spoon and 8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes, but what are the very best (and possibly lesser known) food & drink apps out there?

Not content to swallow whole the dubious word of some some techie, we went to professional mixologist and amateur foodie Olivia Gray. Olivia is something of a local celebrity for her cocktails, which she serves up at Revolution in Durham, North Carolina. (Her salt & pepper martini is to die for.)

Here’s a sneak peek at 2 of Olivia’s top 10 picks for best food and drink apps. Read her full list in the next issue of Guide to Phone Apps, on newsstands later this month. Read the rest of this entry

5 iPhone Apps That Will Keep Your Kids Content

Eliminate the ‘I’m Bored’ Blues

By Torrey Kim

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a young child like the words “We have to watch your sister practice volleyball today.” Kids often feel like they’re being dragged along for the ride when you or your other children have appointments or errands, but the following five iPhone apps can help your child pass the time and kill the doldrums during your outings.


Price: $1.99; IDEO

Review: 5 out of 5 stars

I downloaded the “lite” version of this clever app for free and by the end of the day, my son was so enamored that I bought the $1.99 version. It was worth it—he plays it every time he can get his hands on my phone. Kids will use your iPhone’s microphone to blow up balloons, and then they’ll shake the phone to turn the inflated balloon into animal shapes. Touch the animal and it will do some tricks for you—my favorite is the lion, which roars, causing the screen to shake. Read the rest of this entry