5 iPhone Apps That Will Keep Your Kids Content

Eliminate the ‘I’m Bored’ Blues

By Torrey Kim

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a young child like the words “We have to watch your sister practice volleyball today.” Kids often feel like they’re being dragged along for the ride when you or your other children have appointments or errands, but the following five iPhone apps can help your child pass the time and kill the doldrums during your outings.


Price: $1.99; IDEO

Review: 5 out of 5 stars

I downloaded the “lite” version of this clever app for free and by the end of the day, my son was so enamored that I bought the $1.99 version. It was worth it—he plays it every time he can get his hands on my phone. Kids will use your iPhone’s microphone to blow up balloons, and then they’ll shake the phone to turn the inflated balloon into animal shapes. Touch the animal and it will do some tricks for you—my favorite is the lion, which roars, causing the screen to shake.


Price: $0.99; Maverick Software, LLC

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This app is surprisingly addictive—just like real cupcakes…! Kids can create their favorite cupcake flavors, bake them, and then frost and decorate them with everything from jellybeans to cotton candy. Touch the screen to take a few bites of the cupcake, and when it’s done, your child can start all over again. If it’s someone special’s birthday, your child can add a candle to the cupcake and you can email it to the birthday honoree as a special “home-made” treat.

Talking Carl

Price: FREE; Tayasui.com

Review: 5 out of 5 stars

This app is so simple, but I have yet to meet a child who didn’t become completely obsessed with it. Open the Talking Carl app and say anything into your iPhone’s microphone, and Carl will repeat what you said using a hilarious exaggerated voice while moving his oversized mouth. This adorable red character will get lots of use as your kids make him repeat their every comment—one of the best forms of free entertainment available on the iPhone today.


Price: FREE; NimbleBit

Stars: 5 out of 5

No screen-tapping is required for this cleverly addictive game, in which your child has to stack falling ice cream scoops onto a sugar cone by tilting your iPhone and catching them. Snag too many non-frozen treats (such as onions, which fall alongside the ice cream) and your turn ends. If your child grows tired of the classic ice cream or the additional burger theme, you can buy additional themes such as “monster” and “hats” in the app store, but the free version has been so fun around here that no upgrades were necessary.

Doodle Buddy

Price: FREE; Pinger Press

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Your budding Van Gogh will love to create pictures for you with this easy-to-use app. Kids can “finger paint” on the screen and use the pre-set stamps to embellish their pictures, then color the entire piece of artwork. With the shake of the iPhone, they can erase the picture and start over—or, if they want to save it forever, the masterpiece can be saved to your photo album or emailed to a friend.

About Erin Lang Masercola

As Business Unit Editorial Director at Beckett Media, I lead creative teams in technology, gaming, collecting, autos, home decor, outdoor sports, and more.

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