Wine & Dine With These Tasty Apps

Sure, we’ve all heard of Urban Spoon and 8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes, but what are the very best (and possibly lesser known) food & drink apps out there?

Not content to swallow whole the dubious word of some some techie, we went to professional mixologist and amateur foodie Olivia Gray. Olivia is something of a local celebrity for her cocktails, which she serves up at Revolution in Durham, North Carolina. (Her salt & pepper martini is to die for.)

Here’s a sneak peek at 2 of Olivia’s top 10 picks for best food and drink apps. Read her full list in the next issue of Guide to Phone Apps, on newsstands later this month.

Drinkspiration By Absolut

Runs on: iPhone, Android


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

From Absolut Vodka comes Drinkspiration, the iPhone app designed to put some inspiration in your libation! Drinkspiration provides drink recommendations using classifications such as weather, location, time and the type of bar.  Is anyone in Singapore ordering a Singapore Sling? Do Russians really drink Black Russians? Drinkspiration includes real time updates of global drink trends and what others are ordering around the world. Also includes an extensive recipe encyclopedia as well as Facebook and Twitter integration so you can recommend drinks to friends.


Food Trucker

Runs on: iPhone

Price: $0.99, iM

Now that you’re part of the food trucks craze, how to find those crazy trucks? With iM’s Food Trucker app for the iPhone, you can locate your favorite food trucks in 9 US cities–Austin, Boston, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Portland, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC–with additional cities on the way. Food Trucker monitors Twitter and other sources to give you real time updates on your favorite food trucks’ location and availability. Updates are frequent to alert you as new food trucks become available. Food trucks equipped with GPS can be located using the new maps feature.

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