Must-Play Facebook Games

By Sheila Lewis


Life on the frontier can be pretty hectic at times, but you certainly can’t complain about running out of things to do! FrontierVille bombards you with non-stop quests, giving players goals to work on at all times. In addition to developing your homestead, tending to your animals, and doing a bit of farming, one of the goals of the game is to score yourself a virtual mate and then a virtual child. Once you have a spouse and a kid, you can even make them do all of the work for you!

Rating of 4 of 5

Family Feud

It’s time to play the Family Feud! Whether you enjoy watching the Feud on television or not, you’re bound to enjoy playing it yourself on Facebook. Family Feud is played exactly like the television version of the same game, right down to the Fast Money round. After completing the Fast Money, you can pass it along to your Facebook friends to do the second half. Although your winnings are of a virtual nature, as you collect prizes more rounds of the Feud are awarded to you.

Rating of 4/5


FarmVille may be old news, but it’s still the most-played game on Facebook. FarmVille’s popularity has made it the butt of many jokes, but there’s a reason why people keep going back for more. FarmVille is updated with new content weekly; added content may be anything from a new line of decorative items to something that shakes things up and makes the game new again. One of the latest additions to FarmVille is the ability to craft items.

Rating of 5/5

Treasure Isle

A simple concept with lots of playable content, Treasure Isle invites you to explore maps in search of treasure. Treasure can be turned in for in-game cash and experience points. If you’re the competitive sort, then check out Fire God Mountain, where you can compete against your friends to find all of the treasure on the map in the fewest number of moves possible.

Rating of 4/5

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled is a classic PopCap game, and Bejeweled Blitz is the popular Facebook version. If you like puzzles, then you’re going to love Blitz. If you’re already an old pro on hiatus, then it’s time to head back to see what’s new since your last visit. PopCap has added new Boosts to help you hit the high score, and slot machines where you can win Blitz Points.

Rating of 5/5

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