Top 10 Picks: Apps for Tween Girls

My tween days are far, far behind me, and I’ve got a houseful of boys. To learn what apps girls might like best, I went straight to a source. Here are the top 10 best apps for tween girls selected by Olivia Rosen, age 12.

Note: Most of these are iPhone, because that’s what Olivia’s folks have. I’d love to hear recommendations for Android apps that tween girls love!

  1. Celebrity Makeup Looks. I love CelebMakeup because it shows me how to do really fun styles of makeup application like Lady Gaga or Egyptian Queen. (iPhone, Free)
  2. Modiface Makeup. I like the app makeup because I like to put makeup on friends and with this app, I get to without even having any makeup with me.
  3. Sims 3 Ambitions is a virtual world with your own character facing real challenges in a real life. (Android, iPhone $4.99)
  4. Skee-Ball Free is my favorite game at an arcade, Skee Ball! Skee Free is a virtual Skee Ball game. It’s so fun! (iPhone)
  5. Best Hair is an app with a bunch of tutorials for healthy hair and the latest hair styles. (iPhone, Free)
  6. Red Ball and Red Ball 2 are apps with fun trails to complete, which take you to the next levels. (iPhone, Free)
  7. Cut the Rope is an app with a little alien monster that you try to feed with candy by cutting ropes. (iPhone, $.99)
  8. Waterslide Extreme is a fun game of a waterslide over a city that you have to control. (iPhone, Free)
  9. Hop is a fun app that is almost like Doddle Jump, but you have a bunny and it’s free. (iPhone)
  10. Spin Art Lite is an app where you make fun designs using a virtual Spinart. (iPhone)

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