Save Gas Money With These Apps

With fuel prices near an all-time high, summer drivers can benefit from apps that scout out cheap gasoline. 

By Torrey Kim


Android, Blackberry
Free for two weeks, then $7 per year, GasBot
Star Rating: 5 out of 5

My local radio station used to announce where to find the cheapest gas every week, and I lived for those newscasts—but the radio station discontinued running the feature and I was left driving around (wasting gas) searching for cheap fuel. Enter the GasBot app, which targets your GPS location and shows you which gas stations offer the best prices on gasoline. You can filter the results based on what type of gas you’re seeking, which can be helpful if your car only runs on premium or diesel.

Gas Mileage Calculator

Free, James Johnson
Star Rating: 4 Stars

Hybrid drivers usually know the specific miles-per-gallon or cost-per-mile rating that their cars can achieve, but for drivers whose cars run solely on gasoline, it can be hard to calculate those figures. Enter the gas mileage calculator, a free Android app that allows you to input your odometer reading, number of gallons you put into your car, and cost per gallon, and then shows you how much you’re paying per mile to drive. After checking out this app, I realized I was spending more money to drive to the coffee shop each morning than I was spending on a cup of coffee.


Android, iPhone, Windows
Star Rating: 4 Stars

GasBuddy allows you to use your current location and then guides you to the gas stations with the best prices. You can search for gas stations based on either location or price, and each listing tells you how recently that fuel price was confirmed, so you know you aren’t looking at two-week old gasoline prices. The prices you’ll find on the app are contributed by users—which can be great since many people such as cab drivers are terrific resources for knowing gas prices. However, user-contributed prices can also have a downside: A service station may have great prices, but if it’s so out-of-the-way that no one has recently driven past it, GasBuddy won’t show the deal.

In the next issue of Guide to Phone Apps: 15 Apps That Fatten Your Wallet.

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