iPhone Wine and Dine

by Olivia Gray and William Bonin, Jr.

Whether you fancy yourself a gourmet or a gourmand or just a glutton, these selections are sure to slake your appetite for food and drinks iPhone apps.

AG Wine

A sommelier for your iPhone! The AG Wine iPhone app guides you to wine choices based on your preferences—by style, region, grape, or food pairing. Using an “educational approach,” AG Wine doesn’t offer bottles review but instead teaches the fundamentals required to help you make informed wine choices by including detailed region, appellation and grape variety profiles for Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, Spain and the USA. New countries and regions are added regularly. It also includes other helpful resources that outline the countries and regions where certain grapes achieve their best results, and where you can find the best values. All content is stored locally, so an internet connection is not required.

PRICE:  $3.99, Approach Guides LLC



A wealth of information about sushi for both novices and experts, right on your iPhone! Sushipedia contains an encyclopedia with over 200 sushi entries, including full color photographs and detailed descriptions. Features include the ability to search by name, ingredient or attribute. Also includes tasting notes, a guide to seasonal sushi selections and “What’s in Season Now?” recommendations, as well as a tagging feature to save your favorites and preferences. Extensive historical facts, reviews and the ability to toggle between English and Japanese names are also included.

PRICE:  FREE, Tokiolabs, LLC


Food Trucker

Now that you’re part of the food trucks craze, how to find those crazy trucks? With iM’s Food Trucker app for the iPhone, you can locate your favorite food trucks in nine U.S. cities—Austin, Boston, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Portland, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.—with more cities on the way. Food Trucker monitors Twitter and other sources to give you real-time updates on your favorite food trucks’ location.

PRICE:  $0.99, iM



BeerCloud is the essential app for beer lovers, with descriptions of more than 140 styles of beer with commercial examples, history, suggested food pairings, glassware and guidance for proper serving. The internal database includes information on nearly 3,000 beers and 400 brewers. The search feature includes beers available at more than 50,000 restaurants, bars and stores. Locate retailers and map driving directions via your iPhone’s GPS.

PRICE:  FREE, GreatBrewers.com


Pair It!—Food and Wine Guide

Search the 20,000 pairing suggestions included in Pair It! by wine, food or ingredient to enhance every meal! Pairings are built on three principles: relative weights (so that food doesn’t overpower the wine and vice versa), flavor bridges and taste elements. Pair It! includes over 180 varietals in the wine library and over 1,000 dishes in the food library.

PRICE:  $4.99, Pair It! LLC


Mixology™ Drink Recipes 

The Mixology iPhone app claims it’s the “ultimate drink recipe and bartending guide” and with almost 8,000 drinks recipes and over 1,300 ingredients included, it’s hard to disagree! The “Liquor Cabinet” feature displays possible drinks based on the liquors and mixers you have available as a well as a “Random Drink” option based on available liquor, mixers and glassware. A built-in bartender guide will get you up to speed on terminology, glassware, what you need to stock your bar and other tips and tricks of the trade. A maps feature also provides directions to nearby bars and liquor stores.

PRICE:  FREE, Digital Outcrop


How to Cook Everything

Based on Mark Bittman’s bestselling cookbook, the How to Cook Everything iPhone app contains 2,000-plus recipes, menu ideas and how-to illustrations. Built-in timers are included in the recipes. Quickly convert a recipe into a shopping list. Search for recipes based on ingredients or cooking technique, and store them for later. Vegetarian dishes also included.

PRICE:  $4.99, Culinate, Inc.



Escape from chain restaurant hell when you travel with 2010’s #1 iTunes dining app! Brought to you by WhereTheLocalsEat.com, the LocalEats iPhone app points you to the best local restaurants in over 50 major US cities, as well as other local favorites in smaller cities and towns. Over 15,000 restaurants included! Read restaurant descriptions and user reviews. Submit your reviews and photographs, and save your favorite restaurants.

PRICE:  $0.99, WhereTheLocalsEat.com


Drinkspiration by Absolut

From Absolut Vodka comes Drinkspiration, the iPhone app designed to put some inspiration in your libation! Drinkspiration provides drink recommendations using classifications such as weather, location, time and the type of bar.  Drinkspiration includes real-time updates of global drink trends and what others are ordering around the world.



Harvest—Select the Best Produce

Your complete guide to picking produce! Harvest contains extensive guidelines to help you select the best produce available. Each entry contains multiple criteria to aid you in making the best possible selections. Proper storage instructions and guidelines are included to maximize freshness and shelf life, as well as information about which fruits and vegetables will continue to ripen after leaving the store. The app also includes pesticide residue levels for all fruits and vegetables to help you make informed and healthy choices.

PRICE:  $1.99, Sean Murphy


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  1. Thanks for including us in your top Wine and Dine iPhone apps! It’s a great list and I have already added several of these to my phone.

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