Android 10 Great Photography Apps

By Simon Hill

Many Android smartphones feature an excellent camera. Get the most out of it with these apps.


Price: Free; Shinycore

Rating: 5 out of 5

This powerful photo editor allows you to color-correct photos, add graphics, and apply a wide range of different effects. Through the effects menu you can tweak the brightness, saturation, contrast and exposure of your snap. For more eye-popping results you can try pixelize, distort or spotlight effects.

Speech Bubble Option: Add dialogue to your photos to amuse family and friends.

This user-friendly app also come in a $4.10 Pro edition that offers more options.


Price: Free; ymst

Rating: 4 out of 5

Add artistic effects to your photos with this app’s six different filters for your photos: ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, Warhol and Normal. Each filter delivers the effects you’d expect from the name. For example, Polandroid mimics the old Polaroid shots we all remember for a shot of nostalgia. The app also includes auto-focus, various configuration options and the ability to share your photo creations.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Price: Free; Adobe Systems

Rating: 4 out of 5

The most famous photo editing software available for computers is now available for your mobile phone. You can rotate, crop and adjust photos. The app also offers a reasonable range of effects to try out. If you sign up for free basic membership, you can also upload your photos (up to 2GB) and make them public or share them via email. This attractive app is a great deal more accessible than its desktop counterpart, though it is also much more limited.

Camera Illusion

Price: Free; Mobile illusion

Rating: 4 out of 5

In order to use this app, you’ll have to install Photo Illusion as well but it is also free. Once you do you’ll find it is a versatile photography app that allows you to apply a wide selection of filters, effects and masks to your live camera. There are 16 filters, 13 effects and you can create your own masks to frame your photos however you like. You’ll need to experiment to get the best out of this app but it is a great option.

Retro Camera

Price: Free; Urbian

Rating: 4 out of 5

If you’re looking to add a nostalgic feel to your photos, don’t miss Retro Camera is not to be missed. Choose from five different, each emulating a famous camera from yesteryear. All of the options — from the Fudge Can to the Little Orange Box — have their own unique interface.


Price: $1.99;

Rating: 3 out of 5

This simple, straightforward app lets you shoot time-lapse videos. You can select the frequency of photos and choose your frame rate for playback. The resolutions supported range from 176×144 up to 2048×1536, with a maximum playback frame rate of 30 frames per second. You can upload your creations directly to YouTube if you like.

Tip: Give Time-Lapse a test run before you buy: Try the free, Lite version first.


Price: $3.99; neilandtheresa

Rating: 5 out of 5

This excellent photography app allows you to add lots and lots of film and camera effects to your photos. Choose from 68 effects, 56 frames, and a variety of camera and film styles. The app’s drop-down text menu makes is extremely easy to use. Just choose the effects and frame you want and snap away. There is a limited demo version so you can try it out before you buy. The full version allows you to take advantage of your camera’s full resolution.


Price: Free; PlayGameSite

Rating: 4 out of 5

This is easy-to-use, impressive photo-editing app with a wide selection of options. You have basic tools to resize, crop and rotate your photos, but you can also add speech bubbles, text, stickers, frames, clipart and effects. Photoid even allows you to create collages from multiple photos on your phone. The free version offers an astounding choice of options. You can also buy the Pro version for even more options.


Price: Free; Kounch

Rating: 4 out of 5

This app is really for browsing and sharing your photos. It organizes the photos on your phone into a nicely presented gallery, which is fast to browse through. You can rotate images, zoom, set them as wallpaper and send them by email from within the app. The real selling point is integration with online photography websites such as Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Smugmug and many more. There’s a very useful batch upload option for many of these sites that can be a real time-saver.


Price: Free;

Rating: 3 out of 5

Free of superfluous animations or anything that can slow down your photo loading, this is a fast and efficient photo gallery app. You can zoom in on photos by tapping, and there are sharing options too. You can also set up slideshows and organize your photos by date or name.

12 Android Phones With Great Cameras

If you think an iPhone 4’s the only way you’re going to get a 5-megapixel camera, think again. These Android phones all have 5-megapixel cameras:

Dell Aero

Google Nexus One

HTC Aria

HTC Hero

HTC MyTouch Slide

Motorola 11

Motorola Backflip

Motorola Cliq

Motorola Droid

Samsung Behold II

And here are two models with 8-megapixel cameras:

HTC Droid Incredible


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