Best Phone Apps for Looking Your best

By Torrey Kim 

Most of us can’t afford the luxury of traveling everywhere with a fashionable companion who offers advice on clothing, hairstyles, skin care, and other beauty issues. But you can have the next-best thing—a bevy of style apps on your mobile phone that will keep you looking your best day in and day out.

Hair Cast

FREE, StudioOneNetworks

Rating: 5 stars

How often have you watched the weather for the sole reason of finding out if you’ll be facing a good hair day, only to find the terrible news that your hair’s dreaded enemy (humidity) is on the horizon? This app will ease your hairstyling tension by telling you the temperature, level of humidity, chance of rain, and projected wind speed for your area.

Bonus: After you enter your hair type (straight, wavy, curly), Hair Cast offers you a daily tip for styling based on the weather. You’ll know when it’s a good bet to break out the flat iron, and when you shouldn’t waste your time.

ModiFace Makeovr

FREE, Modiface, Inc

Rating: 5 stars

I will never watch another makeover show on television again, now that I have this app. That’s because I can give myself unlimited makeovers without getting out of my chair, thanks to this ingenious technology. After I downloaded the app, I took a photo of myself with my phone, then used the app to show me how I would look with a different hair style, a change in my makeup, a tan, anti-aging procedures, plastic surgery— and even if I lost 35 pounds. Interestingly, the app also allows me to see what I’ll look like after I experience the inevitable wrinkling and drooping that aging will someday create…which reminded me that no matter how good this app says I’d look with a tan, I should hide from the sun.

TriMirror Fashion

FREE,TriMirror, Inc.

Rating: 4 stars

Have you ever tried on an outfit and wished you had someone to tell you the straight scoop about whether it looked good? Now you can, with this free app.

TriMirror Fashion allows you to upload a photo of yourself wearing a particular style, then solicits honest opinions from others in the community. I used this app while trying on a dress I liked, and I commented that I thought it needed a belt – one of the app’s users posted a link to the perfect belt for the outfit, which I ended up buying.


Free, MyFitnessPal, LLC

Rating: 5 stars

If you’re trying to lose or gain weight, one of the most puzzling aspects of your situation is how to keep track of your exercise and calorie intake while you’re on-the-go. The title “MyFitnessPal” app sounds like it would help you train for an event, but in actuality it is designed to assist you in reaching a weight goal. You’ll enter your height, weight, and information about how quickly you want to hit a certain weight, and the app performs all of the required calculations regarding how many calories you should have.

Beauty Product Reviews


Rating: 5 stars

Walking down the beauty products aisle at your local store can be overwhelming, and many of us base the quality of a product on the price—which is not always the best indicator of whether an item is worthwhile or not. Enter the Beauty Product Reviews app, which shows you actual user feedback on various products, from anti-aging lotions to hair gel to bath salts. Want to know if a particular lipstick actually lasts all day? This app will give you the scoop while you’re standing right in the store.

Natural Beauty Recipe

FREE, Kiumiu Soft

Rating: 4 stars

Have you ever tried adding baby oil to your bath to soften your skin? Well, you’re probably wasting your time. That’s the word from the Natural Beauty Recipe app, which shares beauty techniques using ingredients you have around the house. Instead of baby oil, the app says, vegetable oil is better absorbed by your epidermis, leading to softer skin.



Rating: 4 stars

If you’re fair-skinned, sun-shy, or just want to stay wrinkle-free, this app will help you guard yourself against the excessive sunlight that causes sunburns, dry skin and the dreaded crows’ feet. Once you download the app, you’ll enter your skin type. The app automatically determines where you are, what the UV index is for your area, and how much sunblock you should use. For instance, when I went bicycling recently wearing the SPF 15 that’s inherent in my moisturizer, the app told me I could only spend a maximum of one hour and 15 minutes out in the sunlight. After that, the app said, I’d have a sunburn within 30 minutes.

Fashion Sense

$1.99, EighteenTwenty Consulting, LLC

Rating: 4 stars

Your hourglass shape doesn’t look so hot in your roommate’s clothes — and now you can find out why– because outfits that may be flattering on her apple shape won’t suit your body type. That’s where the Fashion Sense app comes in handy—it recommends particular looks based on your body type, and tells you when you shouldn’t waste your cash on an outfit that won’t flatter you. Much like a personal stylist, this app is completely honest. If you want to look good, it gives you information you need to hear.

Relax and Sleep

FREE,Mizu Software Solutions

Rating: 4 stars

Most of us have used our mobile phones as alarm clocks, but the innovative Relax and Sleep app goes one step further—it will put you to sleep and then wake you up when you’re ready. The app offers over 30 relaxing sounds that can help you get your beauty sleep, ranging from a rainstorm to a heartbeat, and more. You can tell the app to play the relaxing music for a certain time period, or to keep it going all night—then set the app’s alarm feature to ensure that you’re awake right on time.

MagicMirror Hair Styler


Rating: 4 stars

Your hairdresser may swear up and down that you’d look amazing with blonde highlights, but you aren’t so sure. Enter thematic Mirror Hair Styler app to show you the truth. This app gives you the opportunity to find out how you’d look in a particular hairstyle before you plunk down your money. You can use your own photo to try out various hairstyles before you make any changes, and it’s easy to move to the next option if you reject a particular style. You might consider downloading the“lite”or“demo”version of this app before you buy the full app to ensure that your phone shoots photos that are clear enough to allow you to accurately fit your face into the virtual hairstyle.

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