Top 10 Best Movie Apps

By Suzanne Leder

Plus, they’re all free!

IMDbMovies &TV

FREE, IMDb   Rating: 5 stars

Have you ever watched a film where you thought, have I seen that actor somewhere before? Check this Internet Movie Database, and you’ll have the answer in no time! Think how much grief this will save you, instead of remembering at 3am that said-actor was in a cheesy made-for-TV movie you watched in the 80s. You can also buy DVDs and read up on entertainment news.


FREE, AdaptiveBlue  Rating: 4 stars

This social network for movies, TV, music, and books allows you to see what your friends like and recommend, while adding in your own ratings. The check in feature is like Facebook’s places, where you can check in to the movie you’re watching. You can stare in wonder at your friends enjoying a movie you despised.


FREE, Redbox Rating: 5 stars

Reserve tonight’s movie through your Smartphone or tablet, and pick it up at your local Redbox kiosk. Sometimes movies don’t appear in the kiosk menu the day they are released, despite being in stock. If you reserve your copy online, you can bypass this delay in the menu screen and pick it up right away!


FREE, Yelp Rating: 4 stars

If you’re traveling and want to catch that latest movie, then you want to know more than just movie reviews – you want to know if the theater itself is up to snuff. Ever walk across a sticky theater floor and lose a flip-flop? Find yourself without a square of toilet paper in the ladies room? Simply want stadium seating? Yelp can answer these questions about unfamiliar theaters, so you can have an all-around enjoyable movie experience.


FREE, Flixster Rating: 4 stars

Not only can you open this App to find movie times at your local theater (both current and advance days), but you have easy access to reviews right at your fingertips. Also, check out when movies are released, watch trailers, and even check out user ratings, which sometimes vary greatly from what top critics say. The ads can be annoying, but you’ll find this App to be your go-to movie resource nevertheless!


FREE, Netflix  Rating: 4 stars

If you’ve got a Netflix account, then you can take streamingmovieswith you. Never find yourself bored out of your mind at an airport terminal again. With this handy App, you can manage your Instant Queue the moment someone says,“Hey, did you check out that movie on Netflix? You gotta see it!”


FREE, Fandango  Rating: 4 stars

You know it’s happening — that next installment of a beloved film series. You’re terrified the movie will be sold out at your favorite local theater, and you can’t bear to line up with all the teenyboppers in costume. Fear no more. You can reserve tickets straight from your handheld device and beat the crowds. You do have to pay a modest fee, but this beats standing beside the blank faced kid in full vampire get-up.


FREE, Home BoxOffice, Inc.    Rating: 4 stars

Are you really getting into one of HBO’s famed series? Then you can watch it when you’re away from the house — so long as your satellite or cable network gives you access to this brand new app. Be the envy of your friends, as you look up the latest episode and watch it from wherever you are.


FREE, Moviefone Rating: 5 stars

If you’re a Facebook and movie buff at the same time (and admit it, most of us are), then you can link your desire to see that latest and greatest film to Facebook. Create an event and get your friends interested with sharing features, including both text and email. Then, once you’ve got your viewing party set, you can find local theater times and directions — all from this handy App.

Run Pee

FREE, Rock Software    Rating: 4 stars

Did you upgrade to the large drink at the movie theater and now have to hit the ladies room? Run Pee will tell you when it’s safe to make that dash (as in, a” boring part” is coming up), how long you have, and will let you know what you’ve missed. Just don’t be that annoying person lighting up your phone to see this in a dark theater. Coming soon to Android and Blackberry

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