eReader Tips & Tricks

By Sean Cooper

Upload and View Photos 

Hook your Kindle with your PC through via USB connection. Create a folder with sub-folders to save pictures in on your Kindle; this will act as your photo album. Drag images from your PC into the new sub-folders on your Kindle. Press the Alt+Z shortcut key on your Kindle to view the photos on your Kindle. To view the photos in high resolution, select a folder to open Kindle Image Viewer.


Useful Kindle Shortcuts

Bookmark: [Alt]+[B].

You can also press the 5-way controller button up or down to access cursor mode, and then press the button two times.

Kindle Store: [Alt]+[Home]

Taking Screenshots: [Alt]+[Shift]+[G]

Play MineSweeper: [Alt]+[Shift]+[M]

Refresh Display Screen: [Alt]+[G]
Tip: This is a great way to eliminate ghosting!

Reload in Web Mode: [Alt]+[R]

Kindle Image Viewer Shortcuts 

Action                                                Shortcut

Zoom In                                                 Q

Zoom Out                                                 W

Reset Zoom                                                 E

View Image at Actual Size                          C

View Image in Full Screen Mode             F

Rotate the Image                                     R

Pan Large Images                                     5-way controller

Kobo eReader

Synch Your Kobo eReader and PC

Visit the Kobo website and sign up for a free account. Log in and click your My Library link. Uncheck books you’ve already read that you don’t want to sync. Then, connect your Kobo eReader to your PC and install the Windows or Mac software. Launch the program, log in to the Kobo website and click on the sync button to sync the books with your Kobo eReader.

Edit Books on Your Kobo eReader

Visit the Kobo website and log in to your account. Click the My Library link and then click the icon to download the file. Right-click on the downloaded .acsm file and select Open With Adobe Digital Editions. Once Adobe Digital Editions is open, authorize the Kobo eReader to your account.


Lend Books to Your Friends

The Nook allows you to lend DRM eBooks to a friend for 14 days. Your friend must sign up for a Barnes & Noble or Nook account to access the book and note that, just as with a physical book, you can’t read a book while it’s loaned. Select the book you want to loan by highlighting it and then select View Item Details & Options. You should see an option to lend the book (if the choice doesn’t appear, you can’t lend that particular book). Choose the friend you want to loan to the book to from your contact list or specify their email address. Click Submit and then Confirm to prompt your friend with a “LendMe” invitation. Your friend has up to seven days to accept your request. Once the 14 days expires the book will be available for you to read again.

Create your own Custom Screensavers

Save the images that you want to use for your Nook screensaver in .jpg or .png format on your PC. For best quality, we recommend resizing or cropping your images to 600 by 800 pixels, so they fit your Nook’s screen perfectly. Hook your Nook to your PC with your USB cord. Open the PC folder containing your images and then drag and drop them to My Screensavers on your Nook. When the screensaver kicks in, your Nook will display the images in a random order.

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