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eReader Tips & Tricks

By Sean Cooper

Upload and View Photos 

Hook your Kindle with your PC through via USB connection. Create a folder with sub-folders to save pictures in on your Kindle; this will act as your photo album. Drag images from your PC into the new sub-folders on your Kindle. Press the Alt+Z shortcut key on your Kindle to view the photos on your Kindle. To view the photos in high resolution, select a folder to open Kindle Image Viewer.

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Barnes and Noble Color Nook Contest Giveaway

The Barnes & Noble Company is giving away a Wi-Fi Color Nook every day from now through January 30, 2011.  To enter simply LIKE them on Facebook and include your name and email address. They’re looking to beef up their Facebook list, but at least you’ll be entered into the contest and stay up to date on what’s happening with their Nook products. Here’s the link:

FREE Nook Kids App for iPad

Although the nook eReader is competition to the iPad, Barnes and Noble is now offering a free Nook For Kids app for the iPad. The B&N details are as follows:

  •  The largest collection of kids’ books all in one place
  • Find books for all interests and reading levels.
  • Interact with words and pictures or hear stories read aloud.

The Nook app gets you started with two free kids books. There’s the hook! It’s a FREE app, but the books will cost you. Smart move. I think the future of B & N will be in eBooks. Ten years from now you’ll see many people sitting in waiting rooms or standing on a line somewhere reading their eReaders or tablets. Smartphones will be there too, but it’s very difficult to read a book on a little phone screen unless you prefer that type of thing.

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