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Clean Up Your Act With These Apps

Clorox myStain

Yes, there is some product placement going on, but this is a useful app nonetheless. Got a kid-generated stain like berries or vomit? Look it up on myStain to find both on-the-go and at-home stain-lifting solutions. Step-by-step instructions are practical, detailed, and involve common household items besides Clorox products — such as salt or a wire brush.

I had several epiphanies while testing this app: Who knew, for example, that rubbing a coffee stain with bar soap can actually make it set? My only complaint is that there are some … ahem … common kid-generated stains that Clorox doesn’t account for. Maybe it was just too gross for them to go there.


Runs on: Android, iPhone. 

Chore Pad

We first heard about this one from Moms With Apps — one of our favorite sites. Chore Pad is great for families, or any other household where more than one person is responsible for cleaning up.

Start by adding everyone in the house as a user. Next create a “Chore Chest.” You can set chores so they come up automatically every time they need someone to do them, and you  can even assign each chore with a 1-10 “value” so that folks get more points for the most time-consuming or most loathsome chores. And you can easily add or delete chores, and switch chores from one family member to another as your household changes.

The feature that makes this app a big hit with users: its motivational tools. You collect stars and trophies as complete your chores. It motivates kids (and their parents) to pitch in.


Runs on: iPhone, iPad.

Sanity Saver: Grocery IQ

Master the madness. Photo by lyzadanger. Edit by Diliff. Wikimedia Commons

This app lets you keep a running list of everything you need and access it from wherever you happen to be. Simply type, scan the barcode, or even say what you need as you think of it or as you plan menus. I went through my refrigerator before a shopping trip, for example, and simply scanned bar codes for items where the levels were low. I ordered my phone around as I read cookbooks, and all the ingredients I needed appeared on my list.

Grocery IQ puts the items into a grouped list that corresponds to how most grocery stores organize their aisles. As you check items off, they are removed from the list but appear in a ‘history’ that you can refer to later. The other items stay on the list for your next trip to another store.

The only complaint I have with Grocery IQ has more to do with my phone’s voice recognition capability than with the app. When I told the app to put “cereal” on the list, it came up as “serial” and I had to re-type. The spoken command “almond milk” stumped the system initially, but now that it’s been on the list the option comes up quickly when I begin to type the item.

This app listens better than anyone in my family — hands down.

Runs On: iPhone, iPad, Android

Free,, Inc.

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Apple’s iPad 2 Announcement Coming Soon

A Wall Street Journal blogger confirmed today that Apple has just booked an event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, CA on March 2nd. This could be the announcement we’ve all been waiting for – the iPad 2!

Savvy techies are predicting that the new iPad 2 will have two cameras (one on front and one back for Apple’s FaceTime app).  It will probably have a better screen quality and a few other extras soon to be announced. The first iPad was announced on January 27, 2010.

So, if you haven’t already purchased the first iPad and are looking to buy one soon, it might be worthwhile to wait a few more weeks. Some experts believe the new iPad 2 could go on sale by the end of March.

Stay tuned for more info! 

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New Angry Birds Plush Toys and iPhone Cases!

The millions of the Angry Birds mobile game app fans can now add something very special to their life – Angry Birds Plush Toys! Yep! They’re on their way. According to Rovio, the publishers of Angry Birds, brand new soft and cuddly Angry Birds plushies are shipping soon.

There are four green pig plushies and five bird plushies including the blue, black, white, red and yellow birds. The prices start at $11.99 for a 5-inch plush, $14.99 for an 8-inch plush and $59.99 for a  16-inch plush. 

 Slingshot your birds at those wacky green little pigs while your iPhone is protected with an exclusive Angry Birds case. You can purchase three different  Angry Birds iPhone 4 case protectors for $34.99 each at the Angry Birds online shop. 

You can order all of these products now and they will be arriving in March 2011. Here’s the link:

If you purchase any of these plush, send us a picture of you holding up your Angry Birds plush and we’ll feature it  on the Phone Apps Mag Blog and Facebook page. SEND your pics to Enjoy!

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Portable Bluetooth Speakers for iPad

Report from Bill Dumas:

Soundmatters, a leader in high-quality, portable speakers founded by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther, announced today it is delivering foxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad,  the ultimate wireless portable speaker for the iPad.  The perfect iPad travel companion, foxL Bluetooth is the first pocket-sized wireless speaker that audio purists will love, with a range of unique sound features, such as foxL’s patented “Twoofers,” “BassBattery,” and other technologies that provide a smoother deeper bass and an “open & airy” listening experience that provide iPads and other products with the superior sound quality they so desperately need to let you enjoy your portable movie and music experience to the fullest. 

 A great gift for Father’s Day, dad will love bringing the highly portable battery-operated foxL Bluetooth hi-fi audio speaker wherever he brings his iPad, on the road, at work for presentations, to play music at parties, watch movies in the living room, tailgate at football games, and much more.  Priced at only $199 and incredibly small at 5.6” wide x 2.2” high x 1.4” deep with 8 hours of rechargeable battery-time, foxL Bluetooth features a full range of audio output from 80Hz – 20kHz with real bass for amazingly good Bluetooth music streaming in a tiny package that fits with your portable lifestyle.  With the latest v2 of foxL Bluetooth, all iPad and other Bluetooth devices (including iPhone, iPod touch, laptops, portable gaming, and Bluetooth/music phones) will experience longer battery life and improved Bluetooth due to the updated 2.2 circuitry.

foxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad Features:

  • Patented Audio Technology:  provides more audio output for louder, distortion-free sound. 
  • Features patented Dual 1-inch Linear Magnetic Drive “Twoofers” more likely found in large expensive hi-fi speakers for remarkable clarity and range.
  • Patented“BassBattery” Technology turns the battery into a woofer for smoother deeper bass. 
  • “DomeForward”driver alignment and high-transparency acoustic grill provide an “open and airy” listening experience, typical of good home speakers.
  • Built-in Noise-canceling Mic:  for “business quality” wireless speaker phone/conferencing.
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming:  provides surprisingly high-quality Bluetooth stereo with auto pairing and even shows up in the iPad’s AirPlay menu.
  • Plays & Charges Anywhere:  Along with its patented re-chargeable built-in woofer/battery (for up to 8 hours of play), it plays and charges with the included universal AC charger (with four international adapters) and included USB cable.

The foxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad and other Bluetooth devices is priced at $199, available through major online retailers, including Hammacher Schlemmer, Sharper Image, Music Direct, and others.

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Become a Digital Artist with ArtRage for iPad

The new version of ArtRage for iPad v. 1.0.5 is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.  ArtRage for iPad lets you become a mobile digital artist on your iPad, providing the experience of actually “painting” digitally on an iPad canvas with oil paints that smear and blend, and watercolors that flow together to create soft, wet gradations, just as they would in a traditional art studio.  Info:

 New and improved features in ArtRage for iPad v. 1.0.5 Include:

  • Canvas Zoom and Pan Speed have been drastically improved for faster operation.
  • Automatic Save Prompt: per user requests, a save prompt now pops up on the toolbar every 10 minutes for quick saving.
  • Low Memory Alert:  ArtRage reports when memory is low, so that you can save your painting.
  • Toolbar Button:  new button brings the toolbar up any time you need it for easy access.

    Rework with Desktop Version via iTunes:  ArtRage for iPad allows you to share your painting files with the desktop version via iTunes, so you can add finishing touches or use the editing tools in ArtRage 3 Studio Pro to tweak your work on your Mac or Windows machine

ArtRage for iPad is available immediately for $6.99 at the Apple iTunes Store.

The New iPad 2 is Coming Soon!

Every year around this time Apple unveils their next big product release. Some are saying it will be the iPhone 5 while others believe it will be the iPad 2. Perhaps it will be news on both products. For now, let’s talk iPad 2. It’s been in the works ever since the first one received rave reviews. Apple has to stay on top of the current trends and ahead of it’s competitors of which there are many. Industry experts believe there are a few things that we’ll probably see added to the new iPad 2. Let’s take a look.

1. Since the iPhone 4 has FaceTime, this would be a wonderful feature to be added to the iPad 2. Imagine seeing your friend, partner or family member on a much larger screen than your iPhone. Yes, that would be a winner.

2. According to a recent report by WSJ, the iPad 2 will be thinner and lighter than the first iPad.

3. WSJ says it finally has a camera. Hooray!! Ask and ye shall receive! Now we have to find out how much better will the megapixels be than the iPhone.

4. Quicker Processor and more speed! YES! Getting sites and apps to open faster will be a joy! Being able to get your work done faster on the iPad 2 is a blessing in disguise.

5. Last year the iPad was released in April. Some believe we’ll see the iPad 2 in April 2011. Mark your calendars now!

Apple has sold over 14.8 million iPads since its initial launch last year and the numbers continue to climb. It continues to be the best selling computer tablet on the market.  Keep checking back at the Phone Apps Mag Blog for further iPad news and details.

Play Golf Battle 3D With Friends on Any Phone Platform!

 There is nothing that can beat the feeling of a perfect hit with the golf driver, which is why Imperial Game Studio is proud to announce the launch of Golf Battle 3D, an interactive application available today on Google’s Android market. Available for about $3, or skr21.00 (Swedish Krona), this game is all about the two best features of golf: Hitting furiously long drives & kicking your friends’ butts! That is why they have produced this network based, action golf game with the driver as the only weapon.

Thanks to the Airplay software and the fact that the game is network based, users can play against their friends no matter what platform they are on. With their sister company, Martin Flensburg (CEO), Pär Green (Producer), and Alex Sahlin (Producer) were among the first developers ever to connect multiple platforms in mobile applications. Now, Imperial Game Studio has kicked it up a notch by connecting players from five different operating systems – Android, iOS (Apple), Symbian (Nokia), Windows 7 and Samsung Bada.

FREE iPad App for TV Lovers

The Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI) introduced Rovi What’s On TV, a free, mobile television listings iPad application for TV lovers. The app, in a graphic rich magazine style layout, allows users to browse and search local TV listings for a 24-hour period. Additionally, Rovi What’s On TV uses TV metadata, available through APIs in the Rovi Media Cloud, to enable users to find detailed information and images from their favorite shows, movies and celebrities. Now available in the iTunes store, the fully connected app also lets users share what they’re viewing with friends through Twitter and e-mail.Rovi What’s On TV users enter their ZIP code and service provider name to find out what’s airing locally. With this app, users can:

  • Browse TV listings by time, channel or show line-up;
  • Find similar shows from within the show detail page;
  • Enjoy detailed cast and celebrity pages;
  • See what’s on TV and find when searched for shows are airing within the next 24 hours;   


  • Check-in and share viewing plans with Twitter followers. 
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