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New Social Quiz iPhone App – Quiz Climber

Relentless Software, the video game industry’s social gaming experts, and leading independent games publisher Chillingo, a division of Electronic Arts Inc., today announced the launch of Quiz Climber for iPhone in Spring 2011.
Quiz Climber is a social quiz where players pit their knowledge against their friends.  Featuring 1000s of questions friends get competitive as the addictive gameplay leaves them desperate to leapfrog their pals in the leaderboards.  Quizzers answer as many questions as possible in a row to climb the quiz tree.  The only catch is the further they progress the harder it gets.
Andrew Eades, executive director at Relentless Software, commented: “We thought it would be great if you could play a quiz with all your friends and family and see how well you did.  The gameplay sounds simple but it’s amazingly addictive as you overtake your friends whilst climbing the leaderboards.  Every game we make is designed to appeal to as broad an audience as possible and we see this audience growing exponentially over the next 5-10 years. Whether you use a console, connected TV, iPhone or a browser to play, we’ll be making games that are easy to understand and fun for you – Quiz Climber is our next step in making our games available to and played by everyone.”

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Flower Coach App for Perfect Romantic Greetings

Teleflora’s Flower Coach App is Topping the Charts!

 In the top 10 for more than 40 countries including the USA, Canada and Australia! Let Teleflora’s free Flower Coach app write the perfect (or perfectly ridiculous) romantic greeting for you – from sweet to sexy, silly to straight, Shakespeare to the streets. Even better, the app can save you 10% on your next bouquet.

Take the fear out of writing the perfect note by using any of the hundreds of possible combinations. Because if there’s one thing we all know: there’s no shame in needing a good coach, and plenty of romantic gain. So download now, and get busy with it!

Play Golf Battle 3D With Friends on Any Phone Platform!

 There is nothing that can beat the feeling of a perfect hit with the golf driver, which is why Imperial Game Studio is proud to announce the launch of Golf Battle 3D, an interactive application available today on Google’s Android market. Available for about $3, or skr21.00 (Swedish Krona), this game is all about the two best features of golf: Hitting furiously long drives & kicking your friends’ butts! That is why they have produced this network based, action golf game with the driver as the only weapon.

Thanks to the Airplay software and the fact that the game is network based, users can play against their friends no matter what platform they are on. With their sister company, Martin Flensburg (CEO), Pär Green (Producer), and Alex Sahlin (Producer) were among the first developers ever to connect multiple platforms in mobile applications. Now, Imperial Game Studio has kicked it up a notch by connecting players from five different operating systems – Android, iOS (Apple), Symbian (Nokia), Windows 7 and Samsung Bada.

A Justin Bieber Movie and Phone Apps???

Justin Bieber is without question one of the hottest young music stars of today. We know that there’s a Justin Bieber toy doll, Justin Bieber trading cards, Justin Bieber comic books, a Justin Bieber movie, but does he have an app??? WELL… not just one app, try 71!!

Young app developers have also jumped on the Justin Bieber band wagon and are riding the JB wave. Some of the most popular Bieber-related apps  include: Justin Bieber Channel (FREE from Aigoo Software), Justin Bieber Revenge ($4.99 from Tapulous) and Justin Bieber – Walmart Soundcheck Concert LIVE (FREE from Lunchbox).

As Justin’s stardom continues to grow, so will the number of Bieber apps. Get ready for more of JB!

Angry Birds Tie-in with Rio Movie

A new animated movie called Rio based on two blue birds (macaws) that travel to Rio de Janerio, slingshots into theaters on April 15, 2011.  The film is produced by the same team that created the Ice Age movies and is expected to be another big hit. So, what does this got to do with apps? WELL… the smart folks over at Rovio, makers of the famous Angry Birds apps, will have a movie tie-in. They’re creating another special game app called Angry Birds Rio based on the new movie where two of the main characters from Rio are captured and need to be saved.

To get the behind the scenes scoop on what’s happening with the future of Angry Birds, check out the interview with the CEO of Rovio, Peter Verterbacka. Here’s the Link:

Angry Birds fans will also be happy to know that many more AB products are on their way to various retailers around the country.

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The Ultimate Decorating iPhone App

 The DécOrganizer keeps all your decorating details, building materials and pertinent photographs organized in the palm of your hand.

 Have you ever:

 · Found the perfect candles on sale but could not recall the diameter needed for your holders?

 · Needed to do some paint touch-ups, but forgot the name of the color, manufacturer or finish?

 · Discovered a beautiful piece of art and wanted to record the artist, retailer, size, price and item number for purchase consideration later?

 · Thought it would be helpful to have a library of photos for your home when shopping to help visualize a potential purchase or to help explain your question to a salesperson?

 · Forgotten what accessories you have when it comes time to decorate for the seasons?

 · Happened upon the perfect tablecloth but could not remember the size of your table?

 · Wanted to buy window coverings but forgot to bring all the necessary measurements with you?

 · Lost or damaged a piece of siding and needed to know the manufacturer and color to replace it?

 · Forgotten for the names of the flowers you like to plant in your window boxes each spring?

 If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need this app. With the DécOrganizer you will save time and money. It will always be with you when you have a question about your home or if you find an unexpected treasure when out shopping. You will never be stuck wondering about the size of a piece of furniture, the name of your favorite paint color, or where you saw that fabulous painting a few months back. Let the DécOrganizer help you document the details so you can focus on making your house a home

iPhone & iPad Horror Adventure App – Hysteria Project 2

  Hysteria Project 2, sequel of the best horror adventure on the iOS, now available at the App Store

  Hysteria Project 2 is a hardcore interactive movie that is also a 360° live-action, choose-your-own-adventure survival-horror game, with a Hitchcock feel thrown in for good measure. Hysteria Project 2 takes you on a hardcore ride where you are the hero of an entirely filmed adventure. Follow the video clips, keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you and most importantly of all – make the right choices at the right time, or suffer the consequences and fall pray to your folly.

  The game continues where the first episode ended, in the grips of hysteria and mystery that you, the hero of the game must uncover or … die. You wake on a hospital bed hazy, not remembering much of what happened to you. As you come to, you are amazed to discover that you have a tattoo on your arm, a tattoo you don’t remember getting. The clash of metal stirs you from your thoughts, you hear footsteps and they are getting stronger, louder, faster. You make out a silhouette in the distance… HE is back…

This app is available for the iPhone or iPad at $1.99.

Learn to Play the Piano on the iPhone and iPad

The Juno Company, an emerging media publisher specializing in the creation of innovative and musical education products, announced today the release of Juno’s Piano, an app that provides children of all ages with a unique and fun way to learn the real-life basics of playing piano.  Juno’s Piano is available on the Apple App Store® for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®, at the introductory price of $.99.

Juno’s Piano takes a fresh spin on musical learning by introducing how to play the piano through Juno, the main character of the Award-winning series Juno Baby and Juno Jr. The app features three modes (Free Play, Learn a Song and Play with a Parent) and breaks down some of the traditional barriers confronting children when learning to play piano. Juno’s Piano lights up the on-screen keys, guiding children to press the correct keys and play with different colors representing the note, ensuring a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Juno’s Piano  encourages your children with cheers and praise from Juno and your child can sing along with the piano playing to their favorite Juno Baby songs!

“As part of our new series of edutainment apps from The Juno Company, Juno’s Piano provides children with a fun learning tool,” said Barrett Cohn, CEO of The Juno Company. “Look for many more great apps from The Juno Company in the upcoming months.”

Manage Your Medical Life with an App

“Gmooh” was designed by a patient who suffered from diabetes to help other diabetics and almost anyone on a medical regimen. Pill alerts prevent you from postponing any dose, while Blood Test alerts give you a firm grasp on your glucose levels.

Cue your injections with two types of alerts, and even add a custom alert to support your personalized treatments. If you’ve just made a new year’s resolution to stay on track for your medication, this is the app to help you keep it!

Get the Robocop Experience on your iPhone or iPad

America’s favorite super-human cyborg is available in the iTunes App Store as a brand new interactive experience! RoboCop, a video and audio clip App from MGM, is available now for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch.  RoboCop App lets fans and users watch their favorite RoboCop movie scenes on demand, gain access to the best one-liners and audio clips, and impersonate the infamous action hero through a brand new “RoboHead” mode.  For the first time ever, fans themselves can become RoboCop and watch as he mouths their own words!  The iPhone/iPodTouch version is available for $.99, or upgrade to the iPad version for just $1.99.