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Quick Quiz: Find Your Perfect Tablet


Think the iPad 2 is your only option? Think again.

In our next issue, we answer the question “Should You iPad 2.” And, we give you what you need to be a smart tablet and ereader consumer.

You’ve got a lot of great choices out there. Look for us on newsstands April 15th.

If you’re a …. Rough-and-tumble McGyver type

Check Out … Xplore Technologies iX104C4M

If you’re a …. Lightweight

Check Out… NEC LT-W Dual-Screen Tablet

If you’re a …. Road warrior

Check Out… Lenovo LePad

If you’re a …. Kid aged 4-9 Read the rest of this entry

Apple’s iPad 2 Announcement Coming Soon

A Wall Street Journal blogger confirmed today that Apple has just booked an event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, CA on March 2nd. This could be the announcement we’ve all been waiting for – the iPad 2!

Savvy techies are predicting that the new iPad 2 will have two cameras (one on front and one back for Apple’s FaceTime app).  It will probably have a better screen quality and a few other extras soon to be announced. The first iPad was announced on January 27, 2010.

So, if you haven’t already purchased the first iPad and are looking to buy one soon, it might be worthwhile to wait a few more weeks. Some experts believe the new iPad 2 could go on sale by the end of March.

Stay tuned for more info! 

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Sports Illustrated Offering Digital Subscriptions

At a recent press conference, Time Inc announced that they are going full speed ahead with digital subscriptions for all of their publications on all platforms. One of their publications, Sports Illustrated, got an early start by releasing their new swimsuit issue in all digital formats this week. In addition to a printed magazine, you can now view your copy of Sports Illustrated on the Web, tablet or smartphone. The issue is currently on Android-based platforms, but the SI group says the publication will eventually be on all qualified tablets and phones. SI’s current 3.15 million subscribers will have free access to the digital version until their print subscription runs out. SI readers will have the opportunity to purchase a print/digital bundle for $48 annually.

For full details you can check out this Sports Illustrated Digital LINK:

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Play Golf Battle 3D With Friends on Any Phone Platform!

 There is nothing that can beat the feeling of a perfect hit with the golf driver, which is why Imperial Game Studio is proud to announce the launch of Golf Battle 3D, an interactive application available today on Google’s Android market. Available for about $3, or skr21.00 (Swedish Krona), this game is all about the two best features of golf: Hitting furiously long drives & kicking your friends’ butts! That is why they have produced this network based, action golf game with the driver as the only weapon.

Thanks to the Airplay software and the fact that the game is network based, users can play against their friends no matter what platform they are on. With their sister company, Martin Flensburg (CEO), Pär Green (Producer), and Alex Sahlin (Producer) were among the first developers ever to connect multiple platforms in mobile applications. Now, Imperial Game Studio has kicked it up a notch by connecting players from five different operating systems – Android, iOS (Apple), Symbian (Nokia), Windows 7 and Samsung Bada.

More Pics from the 2011 CES Show

Here’s a quick look at some more cool products at the 2011 CES Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.



LG Optimus Gaming- LG Optimus allows the user to game on the big screen.






  This is new BlackBerry Playbook tablet.






 LG’s Slim OLED TV measures in at 2.9mm thin. Is this the thinnest TV on the market?





 Casio’s Tryx Camera- Users can hold the camera horizontally, in a traditional point-and-shoot style to capture still images or flip out the rotating, three-inch, touch-screen LCD and swivel the body to experience countless other positions.





 HTC Surround- HTC’s Surround running Windows 7, and demonstrating Microsoft’s Live gaming center.





 GM showing off their EN-V Electric Networked-Vehicle @ Consumer Electronics Show.






 Pioneer PAIS- The PAIS platform is a device portal that normalizes the interface between the myriad of Internet services and connected devices. PAIS is designed to handle multiple device and application types including in-vehicle telematics, MIDs, TVs, home theater, and smartphone apps. By creating a common, stable method for accessing a wide array of constantly changing Internet service APIs, PAIS reduces the impact of service and API changes.

New Gadgets at the 2011 CES Show

Tons of new tablets and 3D TVs make their debut at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  This is the new Motorola Zoom Tablet showcased at CES 2011.

 Samsung unveiled their new 3D TV at CES.

 Not to be out done by Samsung, Mitsubishi unleashed their new 92-inch 3D television!

Sharp showcases Galapagos E-Media Tablet at CES 2011.

This is the new LeTablet from Lenovo.

 Logitech Revue Smart TV on display at CES 2011.

 Check out the new Audi A8L with the built-in GPS.

  BlueLink is a telematics system unique to Hyundai models that offer consumers seamless connection between the office, home, smart phone and automobile with fast and reliable IT technology.

Photos courtesy of ETC@USC

USA Today Launches Windows-Based Slate App

USA TODAY, the nation’s top-selling print newspaper, today announced the USA TODAY App for Windows-based slate PCs is now available.

 The USA TODAY App for slate features the signature look and design that readers have come to trust from USA TODAY providing them with eye catching photos and graphics while delivering the latest award-winning USA TODAY content in a convenient interactive package.  The USA TODAY slate application has all the latest news, sports scores, weather, stock quotes and photos available. 

 “We’re excited to announce our latest application for tablet and slate devices. USA TODAY remains committed to launching new products so our readers can receive their news in any platform they choose,” said Steve Kurtz, vice president of digital development of USA TODAY.

The App was developed in cooperation with Cynergy Systems, a leading software product concept, design and development agency, in Washington, D.C.

             USA TODAY is now available on major platforms and devices including iPhone, Android, iPad, Google TV, the Chrome Web Store and Windows-based slate PCs

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