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Play Golf Battle 3D With Friends on Any Phone Platform!

 There is nothing that can beat the feeling of a perfect hit with the golf driver, which is why Imperial Game Studio is proud to announce the launch of Golf Battle 3D, an interactive application available today on Google’s Android market. Available for about $3, or skr21.00 (Swedish Krona), this game is all about the two best features of golf: Hitting furiously long drives & kicking your friends’ butts! That is why they have produced this network based, action golf game with the driver as the only weapon.

Thanks to the Airplay software and the fact that the game is network based, users can play against their friends no matter what platform they are on. With their sister company, Martin Flensburg (CEO), Pär Green (Producer), and Alex Sahlin (Producer) were among the first developers ever to connect multiple platforms in mobile applications. Now, Imperial Game Studio has kicked it up a notch by connecting players from five different operating systems – Android, iOS (Apple), Symbian (Nokia), Windows 7 and Samsung Bada.

Love Phone Texting This Valentine’s Day!

“b mine” “I ❤ u” “ur hot” – not exactly sonnets, but these little love notes are what today’s teenagers are most likely to send and receive on February 14…

 According to a survey of 705 textPlus users ages 13-17:

 Nearly 40% said they think it’s ok to tell someone “I love you” for the first time via text message, and 35% have actually done it

  • 35% of those who choose to say “I love you” in text don’t spell out the word “love” – they use the text symbol ❤ (a heart)
  • And often they’re not careful – 30% admitted to accidentally texting “I love you” to the wrong person at least once!

 Clearly the rules of love are changing in the digital age – so what does a romance today look like?  textPlus resident “textpert” Drew Olanoff offers these tips for texters in love:

 1.          Saying “I love you” over text is perfectly fine – as long as you follow it up with a face-to-face “I love you.”  You can’t ONLY say it over SMS.

2.          Send your Valentine a photo of you blowing a kiss or making a heart shape with your hands – visuals can be sweet

3.          Surprise your significant other by texting “open the door” or “look outside” and be ready and waiting with a bouquet of flowers

4.          Long distance?  Use tech tools like textPlus Face Text to hold a real-time text conversation with photos

5.          No Valentine this year?  Group texting and communities of single friends are the perfect place to commiserate together

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New Multi-Sports App for Windows Phone 7

  Score Media Inc.  announces that its leading app, ScoreMobile, is now available on the Windows Phone platform, becoming the first comprehensive multi-sport app to launch for Windows Phone 7.  With over 2 million monthly unique visitors, ScoreMobile provides users with simple and easy access to real-time sports scores, stats, standings, video commentary and major league sports information.  

“Windows Phone 7 offers a compelling smartphone experience in general, and we’re thrilled to be unveiling what we believe will be the definitive user interface for sports fans on the Windows platform,” says Dale Fallon, Director, Mobile, Score Media Inc. 

Features of ScoreMobile on the Windows Phone platform include detailed coverage of top pro and college sports, as well as an optimized user experience utilizing core Windows Phone 7 design elements. Users will be able to personalize their ScoreMobile dashboard with one of four unique background images offered to fit individual tastes.

“We’re thrilled to see ScoreMobile, one of the most popular mobile sports applications on the market, join the growing number of top-notch apps available for Windows Phone 7,” said Tim Darling, Windows Phone Lead, Microsoft Canada. “Today, over 20,000 developers are bringing an average of 100 new applications to Windows Phone Marketplace each day.  ScoreMobile is a huge score for all sports fans enjoying Windows Phone 7 devices.”