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10 iPad Tips and Tricks

Here’s How to Make Your Battery Last

Question: I recently purchased my iPad, and I love it! The only problem is that I love it so much that I drain the battery really fast. How can I maximize my battery life?

Answer: You’ll find multiple ways to extend your battery life, based on how you use your iPad:

  • Decrease your screen brightness. Do this by tapping on Settings, then going to the Brightness & Wallpaper option.
  • Use the Airplane Mode when you don’t need the Internet. Suppose you brought your iPad in your purse and only want to use the Kindle app while you’re getting your car serviced. You don’t need the Internet. Go to the settings and turn the Airplane mode on. (Note: Did you know your iPad will constantly search for a WiFi setting? So if you’re mobile or in a place with spotty connections, then using the Airplane Mode feature will increase your battery life.)
  • Does your iPad blurt out a sound when you receive a notification from Apps like Twitter? Turn off Push notifications by heading to Settings and tapping on Notifications. You can also cancel out those blurting/blipping sounds by going to Settings, then General, and then Sounds. Both of these will save you precious battery time.
  •  Finally, avoid leaving your iPad in direct sunlight. As with all batteries, heat kills the battery — even until to the point of a battery no longer holing a charge. Read the rest of this entry