Best Dating APPS

By Suzanne Leder

Find Mr. Right (or dodge Mr. Wrong) with these picks.


Rating: 4 stars

If you have a subscription to, sometimes it’s cumbersome to open up your computer to check your messages/ winks or the Daily 5. Instead, download this free application that allows you to sign into your account and view your matches with relative ease. You might be waiting for an appointment when you first rest your eyes on Mr. Right

Date Smart

$1.99,MK-7 Studios

Rating: 4 stars

With this handy App, you’ll never struggle with romantic date ideas. Input your zip code, and Date Smart generates numerous ideas involving cultural, outdoors, adventurous, romantic, and novel categories. She’ll think you’re amazing, and you’ll enjoy being lauded for what was really just some App scrolling work.


FREE, Swiss Codemonkey

Improve your communication skills by starting the conversation off with a smooth pick up line. Actually, scratch that. All pick up lines are generally cheesy, but at least your potential lady will have a good laugh from the get-go. This app displays pick-ups, including the “All-Time Top” based on user votes. You’ll pluck up the courage to talk to that pretty lady at the bar – and have a laugh while doing it.


FREE, Wertago

Rating: 5 stars

Want to have the complete nightlife scene picture? Check out Wertago, which gives you specific information about karaoke bars, pool halls, and drink specials — all based on your current zip code. You’ll find reviews, maps, and avenues to keep connected with your friends across the city.


FREE, PlentyoffishMedia Inc.

Rating: 5 stars

Join over 25million users looking for their soul mate with this popular dating app. You have to be 18 or older to sign up. Overall, this is a great place to meet people – and it’s economical, because it’s free. Here’s a tip: Update your profile online first.

Call Faker

FREE, Rob Franz

Rating: 5 stars

Some dates cannot be salvaged. You might be questioning your safety or sanity or both. Make a discreet excuse to leave early with this app. Set your time for your phone to receive a fake call. Then you can say, “I’m so sorry. This is terrible, but I really have to go. My roommate is locked out of the apartment.” No one’s feelings are hurt, and you make that quick escape.


FREE, Zodiak Active S.r.l.

Rating: 5 stars

After you download this free app, you can sign up in 2minutes (or link through your Facebook) to find all available singles in your area displayed on a map. But don’t worry about privacy, as your exact position/address is never revealed. Also, you can control how much information someone sees. This is the easiest way to break the ice with someone new!

Conversation Starters

FREE, SusaSoftix

Rating: 5 stars

Two shy people at a table might find themselves listening to the sounds of the coffee shop rather than each other. Take out your gadget, tap on this App, and you’ll have all sorts of intriguing conversation starters that will turn any dud of a date into something great. (Hopefully this will stop you from admitting something really embarrassing, like how you speak fluent Sindarin. Save that for Date 3.)

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