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Top 10 Best Movie Apps

By Suzanne Leder

Plus, they’re all free!

IMDbMovies &TV

FREE, IMDb   Rating: 5 stars

Have you ever watched a film where you thought, have I seen that actor somewhere before? Check this Internet Movie Database, and you’ll have the answer in no time! Think how much grief this will save you, instead of remembering at 3am that said-actor was in a cheesy made-for-TV movie you watched in the 80s. You can also buy DVDs and read up on entertainment news. Read the rest of this entry

Best Dating APPS

By Suzanne Leder

Find Mr. Right (or dodge Mr. Wrong) with these picks.


Rating: 4 stars

If you have a subscription to, sometimes it’s cumbersome to open up your computer to check your messages/ winks or the Daily 5. Instead, download this free application that allows you to sign into your account and view your matches with relative ease. You might be waiting for an appointment when you first rest your eyes on Mr. Right Read the rest of this entry

Tips and Tools for a Sparkling Clean Smartphone

By Sarah Terry


Your smartphone screen is likely a gross gallery of smudges and fingerprints, but it’s what you don’t see that you should worry about cleaning. Phones play host to a plethora of germs and because you handle your smartphone all day long, you’re touching all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other hazardous substances constantly.

Unlike many household surfaces, your smartphone takes some special care when cleaning it. Don’t try to clean your smartphone using household chemicals like glass cleaners, bleach or other corrosive solutions. Also, don’t attempt to wipe the screen using a paper towel or napkin — these will scratch the delicate screen. Read the rest of this entry

Appy Holidays!

‘Tis the season to download these top picks 

By Margaret Kavanagh

If you give yourself one gift this year, it should be to put your smartphone to good use. We’re here to help you do that with a sack full of holiday goodies from talented app developers. Some are practical, some are fun, and all are sure to put you in the holiday spirit. So get ready to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and all the way through December. Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Apps for Gift-Givers

Holiday Shopping Made Simple  

By Sarah Terry

When facing the holiday season (or the perpetually-turning wheel of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other occasions), finding the right gift for the right price can be needlessly time-consuming. Not any more! We’ve found the best free apps that will help you find the best deals and organize your gift-giving.

Although many shopping apps focus on bargain-hunting features, several apps can help you with gift ideas for tough-to-buy-for giftees, while others will keep you from getting lost in your local mall. With so many shopping apps to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find an app (or two) that will fit your shopping and gift-giving needs. Read the rest of this entry

Best Phone Apps for Looking Your best

By Torrey Kim 

Most of us can’t afford the luxury of traveling everywhere with a fashionable companion who offers advice on clothing, hairstyles, skin care, and other beauty issues. But you can have the next-best thing—a bevy of style apps on your mobile phone that will keep you looking your best day in and day out. Read the rest of this entry