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Top 10 Best Movie Apps

By Suzanne Leder

Plus, they’re all free!

IMDbMovies &TV

FREE, IMDb   Rating: 5 stars

Have you ever watched a film where you thought, have I seen that actor somewhere before? Check this Internet Movie Database, and you’ll have the answer in no time! Think how much grief this will save you, instead of remembering at 3am that said-actor was in a cheesy made-for-TV movie you watched in the 80s. You can also buy DVDs and read up on entertainment news. Read the rest of this entry

Best Dating APPS

By Suzanne Leder

Find Mr. Right (or dodge Mr. Wrong) with these picks.


Rating: 4 stars

If you have a subscription to, sometimes it’s cumbersome to open up your computer to check your messages/ winks or the Daily 5. Instead, download this free application that allows you to sign into your account and view your matches with relative ease. You might be waiting for an appointment when you first rest your eyes on Mr. Right Read the rest of this entry

Best Phone Apps for Looking Your best

By Torrey Kim 

Most of us can’t afford the luxury of traveling everywhere with a fashionable companion who offers advice on clothing, hairstyles, skin care, and other beauty issues. But you can have the next-best thing—a bevy of style apps on your mobile phone that will keep you looking your best day in and day out. Read the rest of this entry

Just For Fun: Androidify

If you loved “Mad Men”-ing yourself, you’ll like the free Androidify app.

Start with that familiar little green droid. Adjust body type by dragging the screen. Then add fun hairstyles and accessories from side-screen selections.

I had a blast Androidifying myself while I waited for my lunch to come today. I plan to make little droids to represent every family member and … then what? Holiday cards? Stickers for my minivan? The possibilities are endless.

New Angry Birds Plush Toys and iPhone Cases!

The millions of the Angry Birds mobile game app fans can now add something very special to their life – Angry Birds Plush Toys! Yep! They’re on their way. According to Rovio, the publishers of Angry Birds, brand new soft and cuddly Angry Birds plushies are shipping soon.

There are four green pig plushies and five bird plushies including the blue, black, white, red and yellow birds. The prices start at $11.99 for a 5-inch plush, $14.99 for an 8-inch plush and $59.99 for a  16-inch plush. 

 Slingshot your birds at those wacky green little pigs while your iPhone is protected with an exclusive Angry Birds case. You can purchase three different  Angry Birds iPhone 4 case protectors for $34.99 each at the Angry Birds online shop. 

You can order all of these products now and they will be arriving in March 2011. Here’s the link:

If you purchase any of these plush, send us a picture of you holding up your Angry Birds plush and we’ll feature it  on the Phone Apps Mag Blog and Facebook page. SEND your pics to Enjoy!

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New Mind Challenging Puzzle Game iQube Released for iPhone

 Allapps, a division of r1mx, has announced the release of their new puzzle game called iQube. This game with a unique game play features 50+ evolving puzzles with unlockable levels and combines a variety of different game types in one. 

 iQube challenges all minds of all ages. It focuses on bringing out hand and eye coordination as well as strategy to complete challenging puzzles. Players must drag and match different rows of colored cubes so they all fit into designated areas. Once in these areas, the collection of the same colored cubes will turn silver. The idea of the game is to make all the cubes silver. 

 The game has a motivating global and local score leaderboard and users can compete with their friends all over the world as well as challenge their friend via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. The iQube game really gives an exercise to the brain and become highly addictive to any player looking for a challenging puzzle game.  

 “iQube is a new and exciting puzzle game that combines a mix of Rubik’s cube, Bejeweled, and Textris gameplay all in one. Players can use intensive hand and eye coordination with this new addictive game. Give a kick to your brain and challenge yourself.” – said Jorge Rios, CEO of r1mx

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New Social Quiz iPhone App – Quiz Climber

Relentless Software, the video game industry’s social gaming experts, and leading independent games publisher Chillingo, a division of Electronic Arts Inc., today announced the launch of Quiz Climber for iPhone in Spring 2011.
Quiz Climber is a social quiz where players pit their knowledge against their friends.  Featuring 1000s of questions friends get competitive as the addictive gameplay leaves them desperate to leapfrog their pals in the leaderboards.  Quizzers answer as many questions as possible in a row to climb the quiz tree.  The only catch is the further they progress the harder it gets.
Andrew Eades, executive director at Relentless Software, commented: “We thought it would be great if you could play a quiz with all your friends and family and see how well you did.  The gameplay sounds simple but it’s amazingly addictive as you overtake your friends whilst climbing the leaderboards.  Every game we make is designed to appeal to as broad an audience as possible and we see this audience growing exponentially over the next 5-10 years. Whether you use a console, connected TV, iPhone or a browser to play, we’ll be making games that are easy to understand and fun for you – Quiz Climber is our next step in making our games available to and played by everyone.”

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Flower Coach App for Perfect Romantic Greetings

Teleflora’s Flower Coach App is Topping the Charts!

 In the top 10 for more than 40 countries including the USA, Canada and Australia! Let Teleflora’s free Flower Coach app write the perfect (or perfectly ridiculous) romantic greeting for you – from sweet to sexy, silly to straight, Shakespeare to the streets. Even better, the app can save you 10% on your next bouquet.

Take the fear out of writing the perfect note by using any of the hundreds of possible combinations. Because if there’s one thing we all know: there’s no shame in needing a good coach, and plenty of romantic gain. So download now, and get busy with it!

Play Golf Battle 3D With Friends on Any Phone Platform!

 There is nothing that can beat the feeling of a perfect hit with the golf driver, which is why Imperial Game Studio is proud to announce the launch of Golf Battle 3D, an interactive application available today on Google’s Android market. Available for about $3, or skr21.00 (Swedish Krona), this game is all about the two best features of golf: Hitting furiously long drives & kicking your friends’ butts! That is why they have produced this network based, action golf game with the driver as the only weapon.

Thanks to the Airplay software and the fact that the game is network based, users can play against their friends no matter what platform they are on. With their sister company, Martin Flensburg (CEO), Pär Green (Producer), and Alex Sahlin (Producer) were among the first developers ever to connect multiple platforms in mobile applications. Now, Imperial Game Studio has kicked it up a notch by connecting players from five different operating systems – Android, iOS (Apple), Symbian (Nokia), Windows 7 and Samsung Bada.

New Multi-Sports App for Windows Phone 7

  Score Media Inc.  announces that its leading app, ScoreMobile, is now available on the Windows Phone platform, becoming the first comprehensive multi-sport app to launch for Windows Phone 7.  With over 2 million monthly unique visitors, ScoreMobile provides users with simple and easy access to real-time sports scores, stats, standings, video commentary and major league sports information.  

“Windows Phone 7 offers a compelling smartphone experience in general, and we’re thrilled to be unveiling what we believe will be the definitive user interface for sports fans on the Windows platform,” says Dale Fallon, Director, Mobile, Score Media Inc. 

Features of ScoreMobile on the Windows Phone platform include detailed coverage of top pro and college sports, as well as an optimized user experience utilizing core Windows Phone 7 design elements. Users will be able to personalize their ScoreMobile dashboard with one of four unique background images offered to fit individual tastes.

“We’re thrilled to see ScoreMobile, one of the most popular mobile sports applications on the market, join the growing number of top-notch apps available for Windows Phone 7,” said Tim Darling, Windows Phone Lead, Microsoft Canada. “Today, over 20,000 developers are bringing an average of 100 new applications to Windows Phone Marketplace each day.  ScoreMobile is a huge score for all sports fans enjoying Windows Phone 7 devices.”